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Monday 20th Tuesday Feb 21st Wednesday Feb 22nd Thursday Feb 23rd

Room Room Room Room
Time Quintral Amancay Condor Quintral Amancay Condor Quintral Amancay Condor Quintral Amancay


9:00 Registration Keynote Jie Chen

Keynote Albert Wang Keynote Víctor Grimblatt
10:00 Async. Circuit Design and Test Why FinFETs, Why 3D ICs - are we ready for tech. rev.? Coffee Coffee Coffee
10:30 LASCAS Modelling Iberchip
Digital Design
Prime Analog Design LASCAS
Special Session Resistive Memories
Analog Design 1
Devices and Digital Design
RF & communications
LASCAS Algorithms Iberchip
Analog Design
12:00 Lunch (lobby)
12:30 Lunch (hotel restaurant) Lunch (hotel restaurant) Lunch (hotel restaurant)
13:00 continues continues
13:30 e-Commerce
Soft and Permanent Errors in Digital Cameras Designing a FINFET based embedded SRAM Array LASCAS Digital Design 1 LASCAS Power Electronics Iberchip
Analog Design 2
Iberchip Process variations - ReRAM
14:00 Coffee
14:30 PDK Generation Memristor Device Modeling and Applications in Memory, Logic, Computing and Learning
15:00 Coffee Demo L - An Ref
Industry Session CASS Meeting Coffee Coffee
16:00 Coffee LASCAS
Sensors and detection
LASCAS Fault Tolerant Systems and Rad. Eff. Iberchip
Digital Design
LASCAS Biomedical LASCAS Digital 2 LASCAS ctrl & mod
16:30 PDK Generation Eng. of Nanobiotech-nological Systems
17:00 EDA in Region Closing ceremony

18:30 Welcome reception (INVAP EMTECH) Wine taste (Synopsys) Live Demo
Tango lessons
(gala dinner)
Depart 18:30 from hotel lobby



Paper Presentations: LASCAS

Number Title Room Session Day Time
116 Improving a MOSFET Model for Design by Hand Condor Modelling Tuesday 21st 10:30
58 Asymmetrical Length Biasing for Energy Efficient Digital Circuits Condor Tuesday 21st 10:50
165 Adherence of a High-Speed RRP LDMOS Characterization Setup to JESD 24-10 Standard Condor Tuesday 21st 11:10
10 Oscillation-Based Test in a CCII-based Bandpass Filters Condor Tuesday 21st 11:30
114 Statistical Library Characterization Using Arbitrary Polynomial Chaos Condor Tuesday 21st 11:50
139 Low Power Sum of Absolute Differences Architecture Using Novel Hybrid Adder Condor Tuesday 21st 12:10
200 High Density Emerging Resistive Memories: What are the Limits? Condor Resistive Memories Wednesday 22nd 10:30
201 Studies of Dynamics of Memristor-baased Memory Cells Condor Wednesday 22nd 10:50
202 Analog memristive and memcapacitive properties of Ti / Al2O3 / Nb2O5 / Ti resistive switches Condor Wednesday 22nd 11:10
203 Optimization Opportunities in RRAM-based FPGA Architectures Condor Wednesday 22nd 11:30
102 High-Frequency Memristive Synapses Condor Wednesday 22nd 11:50
15 Exploring the Voltage Divider Approach for Accurate Memristor State Tuning Condor Wednesday 22nd 12:10
55 A 28GHz Self-Contained Power Amplifier for 5G applications in 28nm FD-SOI CMOS Quintral Analog Design 1 Wednesday 22nd 10:30
24 A versatile, CMOS compatible, integrated antenna for millimeter-wave applications Quintral Wednesday 22nd 10:50
120 Blind range level shifters from 0 to 18V Quintral Wednesday 22nd 11:10
135 A 4uA Wireless Platform for Cattle Heat Detection. Quintral Wednesday 22nd 11:30
161 A 90\% Efficiency 60 mW MPPT Switched Capacitor DC - DC Converter for Photovoltaic Energy Harvesting Aiming for IoT Applications Quintral Wednesday 22nd 11:50
18 Biased capacitive divider electrostatic generators for energy harvesting Quintral Wednesday 22nd 12:10
45 Hardware Implementation for Permutation Function of Multiplication-Hardened Sponge BlaMka Condor Digital Desing 1 Wednesday 22nd 13:30
173 A Comparison of Asynchronous QDI Templates Using Static Logic Condor Wednesday 22nd 13:50
42 Co-design System for Template Matching using Dedicated Co-processor and Particle Swarm Optimization Condor Wednesday 22nd 14:10
26 Evaluation of the uModel Factory Software Used For the Modeling of Embedded Systems with Concurrent States Condor Wednesday 22nd 14:30
4 4D reverberator-based digital filters Condor Wednesday 22nd 14:50
51 Periphery V$_{DD}$ Collapse mode in SRAMs to allow switching off Periphery Voltage Island instead of doing it per memory Condor Wednesday 22nd 15:10
7 Designing an Optimum Non-Dissipative LC Snubber for Step-Up Flyback Converters in DCM Quintral Power Electronics Wednesday 22nd 13:30
150 Coexistence of Solutions in a Boost-Flyback Converter with current mode control Quintral Wednesday 22nd 13:50
137 An small-signal averaged model of a coupled-inductor boost converter Quintral Wednesday 22nd 14:10
49 Comparative Topology and Power Loss Study for High Power Density and High Conversion Ratio Integrated Switching Power Converters Quintral Wednesday 22nd 14:30
117 Reconfigurable Multiple-Gain Active-Rectifier for Maximum Efficiency Point Traking in WPT Quintral Wednesday 22nd 14:50
172 Design of Experiments Implementation towards Optimization of Power Distribution Networks Quintral Wednesday 22nd 15:10
61 Silicon Photo-multipliers Characterization System Condor Sensors and detection Wednesday 22nd 16:00
159 Aspects on the shape dependence with energy of point-like events in high resistivity CCDs Condor Wednesday 22nd 16:20
118 Bearings-only aerial shooter localization using a microphone array mounted on a drone Condor Wednesday 22nd 16:40
89 RISC-V based ASP sound classifier intended for acoustic surveillance in protected natural environments Condor Wednesday 22nd 17:00
50 Real-time Teleoperation with the Baxter Robot and the Kinect Sensor Condor Wednesday 22nd 17:20
9 A Low-Power, High-Accuracy Capacitance-to-Time Converter for Differential Capacitive Sensors Condor Wednesday 22nd 17:40
62 Process and Temperature Impact on Single-Event Transients in 28nm FDSOI CMOS Quintral Fault Tolerant Systems and Radiation Effects Wednesday 22nd 16:00
98 Radiation Sensitivity of XOR Topologies in Multigate Technologies under Voltage Variability Quintral Wednesday 22nd 16:20
90 Evaluation of Multiple Bit Upset Tolerant Codes for NoCs Buffering Quintral Wednesday 22nd 16:40
70 Evaluating the Efficiency of using TMR in the High-Level Synthesis Design Flow of SRAM-based FPGA Quintral Wednesday 22nd 17:00
63 Applying Lockstep in Dual-Core ARM Cortex-A9 to Mitigate Radiation-induced Soft Errors Quintral Wednesday 22nd 17:20
146 Low Cost Rollback to Improve Fault-Tolerance in VLSI Circuits Quintral Wednesday 22nd 17:40
129 A high IP3 6.5 mW self-biased 0.3 - 3 GHz small area LNA Condor RF and Comunications Thursday 23rd 10:30
17 Object identification using VSWR evaluation based on a narrowband microstrip antenna and a tuned amplifier Condor Thursday 23rd 10:50
33 A 4-Wire Interface SoC for Shared Multi-Implant Power Transfer and Full-duplex Communication Condor Thursday 23rd 11:10
131 Double Quadrature Bandpass Sampling for a PLL and Mixer-less Low-IF Multistandard Receiver Condor Thursday 23rd 11:30
29 Enhancing I2C Robustness to Soft Errors Condor Thursday 23rd 11:50
157 All digital reconfigurable IR-UWB pulse generator using BPSK modulation in 130nm RF-CMOS process Condor Thursday 23rd 12:10
122 A Comparison of Four PDE-Spatial Denoising Systems for Molecular Images Quintral Algorithms Thursday 23rd 10:30
169 Exploiting Addition Schemes for the Improvement of Optimized Radix-2 and Radix-4 FFT Butterflies Quintral Thursday 23rd 10:50
95 Filtered-x Error Coded Affine Projection Algorithm with Evolving Order for Active Noise Control Quintral Thursday 23rd 11:10
53 Design of Residue Generators with CLA/Compressor Trees and Multi-Bit EAC Quintral Thursday 23rd 11:30
158 Characterizing Energy Consumption in Software HEVC Encoders: HM vs x265 Quintral Thursday 23rd 11:50
133 Energy Evaluation of the HEVC Decoding for Different Encoding Configurations Quintral Thursday 23rd 12:10
6 Calibration-Less Nauta OTA Operating at 0.25-V Power Supply in a 130-nm Digital CMOS Process Condor Analog Design 2 Thursday 23rd 13:30
40 Settling time-based Design of a Fully Differential OTA for a SC Integrator Condor Thursday 23rd 13:50
19 A Switched-Capacitor Filter with Dynamic Switching Bias OP Amplifiers Condor Thursday 23rd 14:10
94 Efficient use of Gain-bandwidth product in active filters: Gm-C and Active-R alternatives Condor Thursday 23rd 14:30
35 A 0.45 V, 93 pW Temperature-Compensated CMOS Voltage Reference Condor Thursday 23rd 14:50
125 A 2.2 uW analog front-end for multichannel neural recording Condor Thursday 23rd 15:10
83 HW/SW Codesign of Maximum Lyapunov Exponent Estimator Quintral FPGA and HDL Thursday 23rd 13:30
77 Fixed-point FPGA Implementation and Optimization for Henon Map Chaotic Generators Design Quintral Thursday 23rd 13:50
99 Approximate Frequent Itemsets Mining on Data Streams Using Hashing and Lexicographic Order in Hardware Quintral Thursday 23rd 14:10
156 A compact FPGA-based microcoded coprocessor for exponentiation in asymmetric encryption Quintral Thursday 23rd 14:30
87 Nonrecursive Comb-Based Structure for Power of Three Decimation Factors: Design and FPGA Implementation Quintral Thursday 23rd 14:50
119 FPGA Implementation of a Feedforward Neural Network-Based Classifier Using the xQuant Technique Quintral Thursday 23rd 15:10
85 Gold-Copper-Based Biosensor for Impedance Analysis of Mammalian Adherent cells Condor Biomedical Thursday 23rd 16:00
86 A Chopped Front-End System with Common-Mode Feedback for real time ECG applications Condor Thursday 23rd 16:20
138 Portable Electromagnetic Field Applicator for Magnetic Hyperthermia Experiments Condor Thursday 23rd 16:40
96 A Study of Characterizing Crosstalk Effects in 3-D Vias Quintral Digital Digital Design 2 Thursday 23rd 16:00
174 A System-on-Chip Platform for the Internet of Things featuring a 32-bit RISC-V based Microcontroller Quintral Thursday 23rd 16:20
171 Thought Vectors and Spiking Neuron Circuits Amancay Control and modeling Thursday 23rd 16:00
71 Electrical Evaluation of Adder Circuits Using Independent Gate FinFET Amancay Thursday 23rd 16:20
140 Closed Loop Frequency Control for an Hyperthermia Magnetic Field Applicator Amancay Thursday 23rd 16:40

Paper Presentations: IBERCHIP

Number Title Room Session Day Time
9 The Design of Low-Power Transition-Signaling Asynchronous Pipelines Quintral Digital Design Tuesday 21st 10:30
11 A Low-Latency Asynchronous Wrapper for GALS Systems Design Quintral Tuesday 21st 10:50
26 AMBA-AHB Network Interface for Core Interconnection in a Network-on-Chip Quintral Tuesday 21st 11:10
29 Projeto de Portas Lógicas XOR com Redução de Potência por Voltage Scaling Quintral Tuesday 21st 11:30
13 Identificação de custos computacionais causados por contadores de desempenho Quintral Tuesday 21st 11:50
25 Desempenho de Sistemas Multiagentes em Processadores Multicore Quintral Tuesday 21st 12:10
35 UFRGSPlace: Routability Driven FPGA Placement Algorithm for Heterogeneous FPGAs Amancay FPGA and HDL Wednesday 22nd 13:50
6 Análise de Metodologias de Implementação e Desempenho em FPGA dos Algoritmos Criptográficos Leves Simon, Speck e Simeck Amancay Wednesday 22nd 14:10
33 Synthesis of Auto-Synchronous FSMs from Synchronous Specification using FPGAs Amancay Wednesday 22nd 14:30
23 Sistema supervisor de constantes vitales biomédicas utilizando hardware reconfigurable Amancay Wednesday 22nd 14:50
17 A Module for Remote Reconfiguration of FPGAs in Satellites Amancay Wednesday 22nd 15:10
10 Comparison between Direct and Indirect Learning for the Identification of Digital Baseband Predistorters Amancay Digital Desgin Wednesday 22nd 16:00
12 Frequency-domain Polynomial Filter for Crest Factor Reduction in Wireless Transmitters Amancay Wednesday 22nd 16:20
22 OTG: A Target Specification for Design of Synchronous Digital Systems in the RTL Style Amancay Wednesday 22nd 16:40
19 Evolu\c{c}\~ao de BBDs aplicados a Fault Collapsing Amancay Wednesday 22nd 17:00
14 Desarrollo de un Sistema de Control inalámbrico Centralizado, orientado a la Inmótica Amancay Wednesday 22nd 17:20
36 Design and Development of Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation Prototype for Neuromuscular Rehabilitation in Individuals with Facial Palsy Amancay Wednesday 22nd 17:40
24 An 130nm CMOS Sample-and-Hold dedicated to Double Quadrature BPS Receiver Architecture. Amancay Analog Design Thursday 23rd 10:30
5 A CMOS 0.18$\mu$m Calibrated Gain Amplifier with DC Offset Cancellation Technique for very low starting band frequency Amancay Thursday 23rd 10:50
30 Voltage-to-Frequency Converter Design for System-on-Chip Testing in 0.35m CMOS Technology Amancay Thursday 23rd 11:10
1 A Combined Memory and Envelope-Memory Polynomial Model for RF Power Amplifiers Amancay Thursday 23rd 11:30
32 A Functional Verification Method for an All-Digital Automatic Gain Control Block Amancay Thursday 23rd 11:50
18 Evaluation of de-embedding techniques for impedance characterization of magnetic nanoparticles Amancay Thursday 23rd 12:10
31 Impacto da Variabilidade PVT em Somadores na tecnologia FinFET Amancay Device variations - Resistitve Memories Thursday 23rd 13:30
34 PVT-Robust Ultra Low Voltage RC Filter Bulk-Driven Calibration Analysis Amancay Thursday 23rd 13:50
16 Análise das margens de ruído de diferentes topologias de células de memória SRAM de 1 bit Amancay Thursday 23rd 14:10
21 Avalia\c{c}\~ao da Robustez de Votadores Majoritários à Variabilidade PVT Amancay Thursday 23rd 14:30
8 Um Modelo Probabilístico para Cria\c{c}\~ao de PTMs de Portas L\'ogicas Combinacionais Amancay Thursday 23rd 14:50
2 A Symbolic Expression for the Area of the Memristor Characteristics and Power Considerations Amancay Thursday 23rd 15:10

Paper Presentations: PRIME

Number Title Room Session Day Time
5 A 280uW Sub-threshold Balun LNA for Medical Radio using Current Re-use Technique Amancay Analog Design Tuesday 21st 10:30
16 Grid-Voltage Sensorless Control of an LCL filter with Low Resonace Frequency Amancay Tuesday 21st 10:50
11 Design of a Delayless Feedback Path Free 2nd-order Two-Path Time-Interleaved Discrete-Time Delta-Sigma Modulator- a New Approach Amancay Tuesday 21st 11:10
26 HDL and Design Techniques Analysis for FPGA and ASIC Synthesis Amancay Tuesday 21st 11:30
27 Improved Lagrangian Relaxation-based Gate Size and VT Assignment for Very Large Circuits Amancay Tuesday 21st 11:50
28 Robustness Evaluation of FinFET Transistors under PVT Variability Amancay Tuesday 21st 12:10
17 Experimental Study of Progressive Breakdown in Different Conductance States of Resistive Switching Structures Amancay Devices and Digital Design Wednesday 22nd 10:30
15 Analyisis and Comparison of the CV-Dispersion of High-k, Bi-layered MOS InGaAs/InP stacks Amancay Wednesday 22nd 10:50
18 Synthesis and Design of a 4th Order Low-Pass DT Sigma-Delta Modulator in a 130nm CMOS process Amancay Wednesday 22nd 11:10
6 Proposal of a fuzzy logic controller for the improvement of irrigation scheduling decision-making in greenhouse horticulture. Amancay Wednesday 22nd 11:30
8 Programmable Assertion Checkers for Hardware Trojan Detection Amancay Wednesday 22nd 11:50
30 AES block cipher implementations with AMBA-AHB interface Amancay Wednesday 22nd 12:10